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We provide research on your customers, visitors, or constituents— the people important to your place or place of business. Our roots are in anthropology, the study of people and human behavior. Because of that, our perspective translates your consumers into living, breathing people who make decisions based on complex sets of reasoning resulting in complex sets of behavior. We simplify all this behavior and motivation down to the insights that matter most, so that you can create the marketing strategies that will bring you from good to great.

We offer a spectrum of research solutions depending on your budget, from mining existing data and databases for insights to more in-depth studies including surveys, intercepts, focus groups and forums, online exercises, and more.

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We are a relationship-centric agency with long-standing and extensive media partnerships. Our experienced, wildly creative staff provides unparalleled value and service. Our ability to infuse creativity with market research keeps a finger on the pulse of industry trends and insights and this ever-changing media landscape. We work smart; we get results. We turn our clients into thought leaders by redefining the public relations landscape with our integrated public relations, digital, content and social media campaigns. At Pineapple Public Relations, we build relationships. We are storytellers that use creative avenues to capture your voice and morph assets into messages that resonate with your markets across all platforms. We specialize in providing strategic public relations planning and implementation for our clients and infusing it with a genuine passion for what we do.