Domestic Showcase

Southeast Tourism Society is excited to announce it has formalized an agreement with Travel South USA to transition TSUSA’s Domestic Showcase to STS in 2021.

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Domestic Showcase 2021 FAQ

Why have Travel South USA (TSUSA) and Southeast Tourism Society (STS) come to the decision to have STS organize Domestic Showcase beginning in 2021?

TSUSA began looking at their strategic plans for the future and the need for education, year-round networking, and advocacy platforms in an ever-evolving marketplace.  Combining the marketplace of Domestic Showcase with the educational opportunities of STS, will offer all attendees enhanced value and create a stronger foundation of networking, education, and advocacy efforts in the Southern USA.  “We see this transition as a natural evolution for the domestic group tour segment.  We sincerely believe it is in the best interest of the industry to build a bigger and better networking platform with educational opportunities, and a re-engineered Domestic Showcase in 2021 can offer this” said Liz Bittner, President & CEO of Travel South USA.

Who do I contact for additional information?

Additional Inquiries:  Tonja Ray-Smith

Media Inquiries:  Wendy Thomas

When was this decision made?

Discussions to explore opportunities for cooperative initiatives began in October 2018.  And as a result of these discussions, a proposal to transfer production rights and assets of Domestic Showcase was developed and negotiated.  The agreement was unanimously approved by both the Travel South USA Board of Directors and Southeast Tourism Society’s Board of Directors.  A formal signing of the agreement took place after the STS Connections conference in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Will STS be combining its annual conference, Connections, with Domestic Showcase?

No. Connections and Domestic Showcase will remain two separate events. Beginning in 2021, Showcase will continue to take place in the first half of the year and Connections will take place in the fall.

Knowing Florida is a member of STS, will Florida be able to participate in Domestic Showcase?

Florida destinations and attractions will be able to begin participating in Domestic Showcase in 2021.

 Will Missouri be able to continue participating in 2021?

Yes, Missouri destinations and attractions will continue to be a participant at Domestic Showcase.

Is STS membership required for tour operators to participate in the 2021 Domestic Showcase?

No, membership is not required.

Is STS membership required for journalists to participate in the 2021 Domestic Showcase?

No, membership is not required.

I am currently a travel industry supplier, where can I find information about STS membership?

More information can be found here

Will any of the existing programming change in 2021?

STS looks forward to providing additional educational content in 2021.  Information on new educational offerings will be available after June 2020.

 When will you know the location for the 2021 Domestic Showcase?

STS is now accepting bids to host the 2021, 2022, or 2023 Domestic Showcase.  Deadline to bid is Friday, May 24, 2019. 

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